January 31st - February 2nd Peggy recorded for the Ross Anthony show.

February Peggy visits HR4 for a radio interview and also gives interviews to newspapers.

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March 4th -11th Peggy again performed on the Rocky and the Roller cruise in the Caribbean. Highlight for Peggy was having Sande along for her 70th Birthday.

March 6th Gute Laune transmit a short promotional video for the Gute Laune show on March 8th.

March 8th Gute Laune transmit a recorded interview with Peggy and Graham Bonney on Peggy's Birthday.

March 11th - 18th Peggy again performed on a Rocky and the Roller cruise in the Caribbean.

April 13th Peggy appeared on the MDR show Die Party mit Ross Antony.

April 25th Peggy appeared in Port Huron, Mi.

April 29th Peggy performed in Westbury, NY

May 13th Peggy performed in Hershey Park.

June 16th Peggy performed in the Summer Doo Wop Cavalcade at the American Music Theatre Lancaster, PA

June Trip to Germany

June 23rd-24th Recorded and performed at the Fernsehgarten show in Mainz, Germany. Broadcast on the 24th June.

June 24th Appeared on a Cooking show with the TV chef Mirko Reeh.

July Recorded two new tracks in a Hamburg Studio.

July 22nd Peggy appeared on the SWR TV show
Immer Wieder Sonntag

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July 27th Two new tracks (Schick ein Lied um die Welt and Hallo Willkommen) released to support the Autumn Schlager Legenden 2018 tour.

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July 27th Peggy appeared on the NDR Talk Show

August 8th Frank Stiller interviews Peggy March

September 25th Peggy starts her trip to Europe.

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September 26th-27th Peggy and the other Schlager Legenden are in Stralsund for a Fernsehgarten show. This show was transmitted on the 30th September

September 28th-29th Peggy visited Marburg.

September 30th Peggy received an award from the Radio station Goldene Antenna in St Vith, Belgium.

October 1st Radio interview with Horst Senker, Koln.

October 5th TV Show, 50 Jahre Nord West Zentrum, Frankfurt.

October 6th Photoshoot in Munchen.

October 9th Gute Laune Interview - Peggy reports that this was recorded earlier in the summer.

October 10th Show in Essen

October 11th Oct - 4th Nov Schlager Legenden 2018 tour

October 11th
Schlager Legenden show in Beverungen

October 12th
Schlager Legenden show in Baunatal

October 13th
Schlager Legenden show in Marburg

October 14th
Schlager Legenden show in Köln

October 18th
Schlager Legenden show in Munster

October 19th
Schlager Legenden show in Limburg

October 20th
Schlager Legenden show in Wesel

October 21st Schlager Legenden show in Frankfurt am Main

October 24th Peggy in Hamburg recording a TV show.

October 25th Ireen Sheer and Peggy are in Berlin recording a TV show.

October 26th
Schlager Legenden show in Berlin

October 27th
Schlager Legenden show in Cottbus

October 28th
Schlager Legenden show in Leipzig

October 29th - November 2nd Photoshoot for the new CD

November 2nd
Schlager Legenden show in Furth

November 3rd
Schlager Legenden show in Bad Neustadt

November 4th
Schlager Legenden show in Chemnitz

November 5th Recording for the TV show
Ein Kessel Buntes. (Shown below which has extracts from shows in 1972 that I've not seen before.)

November 9th Peggy performs at the opening of the Steeler Christmasmakt in Essen