April 5th Peggy appears on the East German TV show Musik ist Trumph

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August 15th Dreh’ die Uhr zuruck zum Anfang, lyrics by Peggy, reaches No 37 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 6 weeks. The other song on this disk is Du bist da with the lyrics again by Peggy (7” Single EMI 1C-006 46068)

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August 25th Peggy is a guest of the TV show ZDF Hitparade

Dann ist es Liebe, is her other new record released in 1980. The other song on this 7” Single is Dreh dich um lyrics by Peggy (EMI 1C-006 46232)

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September 9th Peggy appears on the TV show Die Drehscheibe

October Peggy, Arnie and Sande leave Germany for their new home in Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles is chosen because it is a centre for Show Business.

August 25th Peggy appears on the ZDF Hitparade performing Dreh’ die Uhr zuruck zum Anfang

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