This site provides information on the American singer Peggy March (Born March 8th 1948). Peggy is the youngest female singer to have a number 1 in the US. The linked pages provide information on Biography, Discography, Films & TV and Web links. Peggy tells me the photo on this page was taken around 1963, maybe in Japan, in the early stages of her career.

I would love to hear from people about further ideas for this web site and any material they have on Peggy that they are willing to share. You can contact me using the Contact page. I still have lots of ideas for new material so keep checking the site.


Last update on May 27th with a report from Thomas Panciarello on the Legendary Ladies of Rock performance - Recent News. Updated on March 22nd with new articles from 2006 and 2010, both thanks to Darren Harvey. On March 8th I added Peggy singing Nur Du Bist Für Immer from 1995. Previously added were a medley from 1975 with Lena Valaitis and Maggie Mae and a sketch from 1977. For information on performances by Peggy in 2014 - see Recent News. Previously updated with new new photos from 1969 and videos from 1988 1999 and 2013. Also added recently are Peggy's School friend Concetta Weigner's recollections of the 1965 US tour - see Growing up with Peggy . On November 25th I added an additional video from 1978 and two new photos from Peggy's October trip to Germany (thanks to Mary Roos). Also recently added is the second Perry Como appearance by Peggy (whilst Peggy remembers the first performance with Perry Como Peggy has no recollection of this second performance!). In August I added a link to her ZDF performance on the 4th August - see Recent News, links to videos of Peggy from her trip to Mainz on 6-7th July - see Recent News. Other less recent material comes from my interview with Peggy at her Florida home on May 23rd. Additional material in 1967 (under March 8th) gives the reason for Peggy's move to New York and details Peggy's accommodation history. I also added another Sopot 1977 video.