Peggy March 2002

March 12th Sony Music, under the Ariola label, release the 3 CD compilation Ich Bin Ein Cowgirl ASIN: B000060O6R.

June Peggy appears on the SWR TV show Strasse der Lieder

June 15th Peggy appears as a celebrity at the 12th annual Fairmount Fire Company fund-raiser (12th Annual Under the Lights Car show) in her home town of Lansdale. The local paper (The Reporter) writes ‘The show-goers also came to hear native Lansdale resident Peggy March belt out a number of classic hits including "Yesterday" by the Beatles.’

Appears in the TV Special "More Red, White and Rock". Peggy recalls that she was almost last to perform and there were sound problems that meant she couldn't hear herself sing. The sound problem wasn't fixed because everyone wanted to get home after a hard couple of days. Spending a day in a theatre with excessive amounts of Dry Ice compounded the problem since Dry Ice is not singer friendly. As a perfectionist Peggy was not impressed with her performance.

September 13th Compilation CD, Peggy March Best Selection, released in Japan under the BMG label. ASIN: B00005655M

November 9th Peggy’s daughter Sande gets married (with Peggy and Andreas Zaron below)

Koch released the 3 CD title Denn ich lieb' dich über alles